National FH Registry resources:

The National Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Registry – an introduction (5:51 min video) N.B. The user interface has been updated since this video was created, but it is still useful to demonstrate general concepts.

National FH Registry

National FH Registry – Charter, Protocol and Guidelines

Registry Brochure

Sample Consent Form

National FH Registry – User Manual

FH Registry – Data Entry Form (Core Data)

Other resources:

FH brochure – adult

FH brochure – child

FH brochure – women

FH brochure – apheresis

FH Infographic

Lp(a) brochure

HEART UK Junior    HEART UK Primary    HEART UK Secondary 

FH information sheet – patient – Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association information sheet for a patient with FH

FH information sheet – relative – Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association information sheet for a relative of a patient with FH 

FH Registry News:

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FH Registry News – November 2018

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