Heart Foundation

Leading Australian charity that provides a wealth of resources for health professionals and the community on all aspects of cardiovascular disease.

Heart Support-Australia

Helping Australians Maintain Strong Hearts. Through peer support, information and encouragement, Heart Support-Australia help people affected by heart conditions achieve excellent health outcomes.

Heart UK

Leading UK cholesterol charity that provides extensive resources for health professionals, patients and families on all aspects of the detection and management of FH.

National Lipid Association (NLA) USA

US based multidisciplinary specialty society providing education on detection and management of dyslipidaemia and related disorders.

Learn Your Lipids

Information for patients with dyslipidaemia including FH.

British Heart Foundation

Leading British foundation provides excellent resources for health professionals and patients, including informative videos on a wide spectrum of conditions and risk factors.

NSW Genetic Service

Educational arm of NSW Genetic Service that provides genetic information for individuals and their families affected by genetic conditions and health professionals who work with them.

FH Family Support Group of Western Australia

Website of the first support group in Australia for families with FH; provides relevant information, communication and support services.


Chromosome 19 – Keeping things moving

Using the London underground as an analogy, Dr Simon Watt explains how a fault on this gene results in a build up of cholesterol, causing congestion in our arteries and leading to potentially fatal cardiovascular disease.

Warning signs of a heart attack

This program will help you be prepared and know the warning signs of heart attack and what to do.