The FH Australasia Network was established by the Australian Atherosclerosis Society in 2006. Comprising a team of clinician and scientist from around Australia and New Zealand, activities currently underway include the development of management guidelines, information sessions for clinicians and the establishment of various services around the country.

Gerald WattsGerald Watts – Chair
Western Australia


David SullivanDavid Sullivan
New South Wales


Peter CliftonPeter Clifton
South Australia

richardobrienRichard O’Brien                                                                 Victoria


Stephen Nicholls                                                          Victoria


Warrick BishopWarrick Bishop                                                                 Tasmania


Karam KostnerKaram Kostner

Nadarajah Kangaharan
Northern Territory

Peter GeorgePeter George
New Zealand


Professor David HareDavid Hare                                                                       Victoria


Professor Edward JanusEdward Janus                                                                   Victoria



All investigators involved in the National FH Registry are required to declare any conflict of interest. Click on photos to view COI declarations.