FHAN leads collaborative research project: 10 Countries Study

In 2014 the FHAN received an IAS-Pfizer grant to co-ordinate an international project which aims to investigate selected diagnostic, epidemiological and service aspects, as well as primary care physician awareness and patient perceptions, of FH across several countries in the Asia-Pacific region and the southern hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, The Philippines, South Africa and Brazil).

The value and significance of the data garnered is to inform best practice in the care of FH and to develop local and regional models of care. Five observational studies will be undertaken that will investigate phenotypic predictors of low-density lipoprotein receptor mutations, the point prevalence of FH in unselected community populations, knowledge and practices of primary care physicians concerning FH, availability and utilization of services and facilities for the care of FH, and patient perceptions and personal experiences of FH.

A related objective is to close gaps in knowledge and awareness of FH through an educational program that will be provided under the aegis of country-specific societies that are members of the International Atherosclerosis Society.

Expressions of interest

The FH Australasia Network is keen to work together developing investigator-initiated research as well as participating in international research projects. Expressions of interest should be directed to Professor Gerald Watts (gerald.watts@uwa.edu.au) or Associate Professor Dick Chan (dick.chan@uwa.edu.au).