Free online seminar  Thursday 1st April 2021, 1-2pm AEDT. 

This seminar  will be co-presented by Prof. Andrew Murphy and Dr. Man Kit Sam Lee

Prof. Andrew Murphy
Diabetes dysregulates TET2 in haematopoietic stem cells
Professor Andrew Murphy is the Head of the Division of Immunometabolism and a laboratory head at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. He is a CSL Centenary Fellow and a NHMRC Investigator grant recipient. Andrew completed his PhD in 2008 and then joined Prof Alan Tall’s group at Columbia University as an American Heart Association Fellow. In 2013, he returned to the Baker. His work largely focuses on how inflammatory diseases contribute to cardiovascular disease. He has published a number of manuscripts in leading journals including Nature Medicine, Cell, Stem Cell, Cell Metabolism.

Dr. Man Kit Sam Lee
High salt leads to atherosclerosis via modulating TH17 cell induced myelopoiesis

Sam completed his PhD under Prof Jaye Chin Dusting and Prof Andrew Murphy at the Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute. He has been a recipient in awards such as the National Heart Foundation Post Doctoral Fellowship, National Heart Foundation Paul Korner Award and Diabetes Australia project grants. He has published 1st author manuscripts in leading journals, including the JCI.


 Chair: A/Prof. Peter Psaltis

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April 01 2021