The Clinical Lipid Education Program for 2016 was a great success with clinicians from around the country attending to learn more from our experts.

For those who are interested in the content discussed at the meeting, you are able to access the speakers presentations below:

Lipoprotein (a)   –  A/Prof. Karam Kostner


Insights from mendelian randomisation studies – Prof. Stephen Nicholls


How to identify and diagnose FH and the importance of registries in this area – Prof. Gerald Watts


 The use of mega-data in diabetes and CVD –  Prof. Dianna Magliano


New biologicals – Lp (a) antibodies and apoCIII antibodies as treatment options – Prof. David Hare


PCSK9 Inhibitors: Complex cases and discussion – A/Prof. Richard O’Brien and Prof. Stephen Nicholls


Assessing and managing CVD risk in insulin resistant patients and metabolic syndrome patients – Prof. Andrew Wilson


Novel Plasma Markers in Clinical Medicine : An update on imaging in the high risk primary prevention patient – Prof. Carl Schultz


Novel Plasma Markers in Clinical Medicine : Metabolomics and lipidomics – A/Prof. Peter Meikle


Novel Plasma Markers in Clinical Medicine : Pro-resolving lipid mediators of inflammation and lipid oxidative – Prof. Trevor Mori


Novel Plasma Markers in Clinical Medicine : Oxidative Signalling – Prof. Gemma Figtree

November 21 2016