Free online seminar  Thursday 29th April 2021, 1-2pm AEST. 

This seminar will be co-presented by Dr. Mark Nidorf and Prof. Carl Schultz

Dr. Mark Nidorf 

Colchicine for secondary prevention of coronary disease

Dr Mark Nidorf is a Clinical Cardiologist at GenesisCare in Perth. His clinical research interest in atherosclerosis led him to initiate the LoDoCo trials of low dose colchicine for the secondary prevention of coronary disease.

Prof. Carl Schultz

Between A Rock In The Arteries And A Hard Place: Improving Risk Stratification And Prevention Of Australia’s Leading Cause Of Death

Prof. Schultz is a clinical academic interventional cardiologist at Royal Perth Hospital and the University of Western Australia. His research focusses on better approaches to risk stratify and prevent CVD in high risk populations. He has extensive experience in novel imaging modalities and established the use of OCT and 18F Sodium Fluoride PET for imaging atherosclerosis in Western Australia. He is also the Director of a very successful Cardiology clinical trials unit and the founding clinical lead for the West Australian Cardiovascular Outcome Registry (WACOR).

April 26 2021