Free online seminar Thursday 2nd September, 2021 1-2pm AEST. 

This seminar will be co-presented by Prof. Michael Hickey and A/Prof. Connie Wong.

Prof. Michael Hickey

The actions of regulatory T cells – inside and outside the vasculature

Michael Hickey is an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Centre for Inflammatory Diseases at Monash University. His laboratory uses advanced in vivo imaging to investigate the actions of a variety of immune cells in inflammatory sites, with particular interest in immune mediated inflammation of the kidney and skin .

A/Prof. Connie Wong

Effects of stroke beyond the brain

Connie Wong is a current CSL Centenary Fellow, head of the Neuroinflammation Research Group and Deputy Director of Monash Centre for Inflammatory Diseases. Her group’s research interest is in the pathophysiology of stroke and the subsequent host inflammatory response within and beyond the brain.

August 27 2021