Free online seminar Thursday 12th August, 2021 1-2pm AEST. 

This seminar will be co-presented by Dr. Mary Kavurma and Dr. Siân Cartland

 Dr. Mary Kavurma

 Novel interactions for generating stable and functional blood vessels in ischaemia

Dr Mary Kavurma is Group Leader of the Vascular Complications Group and Associate Director of Research and Education at the Heart Research Institute. She is also a conjoint Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney. Mary’s research is focused on understanding fundamental mechanisms in molecular and cellular biology leading to intimal thickening, atherosclerosis, and its complications. She has held numerous Fellowships and grants, and her achievements in scientific research, communication and community engagement were acknowledged with a Young Tall Poppy Science Award.

 Dr. Siân Cartland

Myeloid derived suppressor cells: a new cell target to reduce inflammation and atherosclerosis?

Dr Sian Cartland received her PhD in 2012 from the Centre for Vascular Research at The University of NSW Prior to that she worked as a Research Assistant, both in Australia and in the UK at the University of Oxford. On completion of her PhD she began working with Dr Mary Kavurma and is currently based at the the Heart Research Institute in Sydney. Her research interests are in the role of the immune system in cardiovascular disease.

August 06 2021