Please join us for the 2nd session of our 2021 AAS Rising Stars Scientific Showcase series, featuring the this time the phD student finalists.

Kim Dao (Monash University)

High Dose Specific Omega 3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid Increases Reperfusion In Ischemic Tissue

Thomas King (University of New South Wales)

Apolipoprotein A 1 Mimetic Peptide C II A, Increases Pancreatic Insulin Content And Improves Glucose Tolerance In Mice With Beta Cell Loss

Manisha Patil (Heart Research Institute)

Endothelial Cell Pericyte Crosstalk: Novel Interactions For Generating Stable And Functional Blood Vessels In Hypoxia And Ischaemia

Emma Solly (South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute)

Inhibition Of MicroRNA 181C Rescues Diabetes Impaired Angiogenesis Through Activation Of Key Angiogenesis Mediators

Chair: Dr. Helen Williams 

Thursday, 18 th November 2021, 1 2 pm AEDT

Zoom link:

Sponsored by CSL and ACVA

November 12 2021